About Us

Ruhi Traders Ltd is Export – Import Business Consultancy which offers advices for buying and selling of goods in all categories worldwide with mainly our clientele spread across India, China, Middle East, UK & European markets.

We provide importers and exporters alike with timely, accurate and cost-effective advice. We offer international trade advice to large and small businesses and sole traders who grapple not only with increasing costs and increasing competition, but also the complexity of trading with people and companies across the globe.

Whether you are a small or large business, whether you import or export goods occasionally or have regular consignments arriving or departing anywhere across the globe, as with any business – getting the right advice from a professional, before your start, is essential. We also help facilitate huge shipping transactions and operations for different suppliers across the globe.

Our staff has years of experience and can provide you withexpert advice in every aspect of importing or exporting goods to or from any continent across the globe.We also provide advice on

  • Landed costing’s
  • Documentation
  • Quarantine requirements
  • Product analysis
  • Export requirements
  • Import permit advice, application assistance


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